Terms and Conditions

  1. Photos and videos made by Kat De Laet Photography can be published at any time on the website, blog and Facebook. If you don’t wanr your phots published, please inform the photographer beforehand.
  2. A deposit is paid before your spot is confirmed. In case of late cancellation, I will charge costs because I can no longer fill the reserved spot. This amounts to 50€ for cancellation the night before, 100€ for cancellation on the day of the session itself.
  3. The photographer reserves the right to cancel the session if the actions and preparation requested by the customer are not met.
  4. Prices are subject to change at any time. However, the price that the customer receives at the time of booking remains unchanged regardless of any price increases.
  5. A photo session by Kat De Laet Photography is considered artistic work. Upon payment for the session and files, the customer purchases the right to print and publish the photos for personal purposes. If the customer uses the photos for commercial purposes without appropriate compensation for the photographer, legal action will be taken.
  6. The number of photos supplied varies according to the duration of the session and other variables, so it is impossible to determine precisely in advance.
  7. The photos are supplied in .jpg format, and may not be further cropped or edited with filters etc.
  8. The photographer makes a selection from all the photos taken. These photos are then edited in the style of the photographer. The photos that did not make the selection or any unedited photos cannot be obtained under any circumstances. Additional black and white conversions of the selected photos can be provided on request free of charge, other editing requests are only possible at an additional charge.
  9. A specific number of high- and low resolution files are included in the package price. The latter are protected with a watermark and may only be used in that condition. If images are posted on Facebook or other social media, the watermark may not be cut off under any circumstances. The high-resolution photos  without watermark may not be published on social networking sites, only the intended photos with watermark may be used for this.
  10. When sending orders by post, we are not responsible for damage caused during delivery. Delivery costs are included in the price of the items.
  11. Orders can only be made through in-person sales on site or afterwards by email. The order is binding, upon purchase the customer commits to the purchase of indicated items. Edits and orders for photo products will only be made after the order has been paid in full, except when a payment plan has been set up.
  12. Graphic designs must always be paid for, even if the work is not printed. The files of this work will not be released, the designs made by Kat De Laet Photography can only be printed through us.